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myff admin

slarti server down for maintenance

We are in a bit of sticky situation due to expansion basically only so many slots in our rack in Maidenhead where we currently need more power, and since we are on the cusp of making a really major investment in Blade servers we want to keep options open and not kick off another rack at this point. We also have limited internal connectivity in the current rack. All this is hardly surprising as when you go from wanting a few rack slots to multiple racks issues are bound to happen.

Anyway the easy way to deal with this is for us to ditch the old 2U server slarti is on, and use the space for a vastly more powerful 1U server and an internal switch.

Hence slarti will be down for moving today. Sorry about the lack of notice. But have been working to the wire trying to get an alternative solution.
myff admin

Slarti now down, I anticipate outage will be 2-3 hours.

There may well be another outage in a few weeks when the next couple of new servers arrive, at that point slarti will move to a very much faster machine.

The current change is a leap from frying pan to fryer  
myff admin

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