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myff admin

slarti forum server

Slarti is now reporting ready as a forum server

So we have the old gang of ford, zaphod and slarti read to takeover from eddy, trillian and marvin.

Albeit the plan is for more servers as ford, zaphod and slarti are all deliberately configured as less powerful servers than eddy, trillian and marvin.

I will therefore probably put in another server towards the end of the week, the key need is to get the transfer of forums onto our own subnet rolling at a real pace now.

One of the more interesting conundrums is whether and how soon to bring "swan" the physical server with the new RAID card back into the critical line of fire  
myff admin

Probably need to call it quits for another few hours, as it doesn't make sense to go full pelt with transfers at first.

But I am successfully transfer forums simultaneously from myfunforum and myfreeforum to slarti and zaphod.

Working like that more than 1000 forums an hour  could be moved   But that really is a pretty scary rate of transfer.

But it does bode well for getting the job done sooner rather than later.
myff admin

Over 5000 forums moved yesterday Even if that pace can't be increased, it does bode well for the next couple of weeks finishing the job that started in October last year!  
It will have been a very long haul!
myff admin

More than 8,500 moved yesterday

What is slightly interesting is that forums moved to Zaphod are thus far holding up well, Zaphod is running on an iSCSI connection which is a lot slower than the local disks.

Of course what matters to a forum owner at the end of the day is that whatever the forum is running on, it is both reasonably fast and crucially not overloaded.  I think we have proved iSCSI is fast enough, the question is how much can run on it and stay that way?
myff admin

Aiming to get 6000 by midnight, not as much as yesterday, but there were a few DNS issues to deal with, and more tweaking of the new servers. All the same it is good progress really.
myff admin

And now the morning after the night before

Slarti is not using local disk (which it should have been) and that is causing performance issues.

So no more will be going on Slarti, rather forums are being moved elsewhere.

Time to slow the pace down a bit!

We will get there faster by going slower I think.
myff admin

I think the basic plot here is that I will transfer all active forums off slarti onto zaphod.

Then I will take advantage of our new hardware/subnet and take slarti offline to clone it to the local disks. That will cause an outage of about an hour or so on slarti, but that should not matter too much if the active forums have been moved.

A new Slarti should then come back on line and be a lot faster.
myff admin

All active forums that were on Slarti are now on Zaphod.

But I think the time is right to let the room stop spinning.

There are still a couple of internal addresses not being seen in their updated versions, and something like 15,000+ forums have been shuffled around in the last few days  

So I think we pause until all looks settled, before shifting slarti to local disk and re-starting transfers.

When we do, we will have slarti, jeltz and wonko ready for forums. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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