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jdgirl Where has the forum gone?

I tried logging in to but my user name doesn't seem to be recognised and it would appear that the whole forum has vanished. All I get is a page telling me to review terms and conditions and further down the page it says to ask here why it has been suspended...

Can you please help?
myff admin

The chances are it was suspended as spam was being posted to it, and the forum administrator was not cleaning it up.
If you are the admin and will look after it, I can unsuspend.

Hi myff

I wish I was admin! I'm afraid I don't know who is either... Is there any way of finding out?
myff admin

It's a bit of a problem that, we tend to assume that if the forum admin cares, then a suspension will get them out of the woodwork.
If they don't care then it's a problem. Presumably there are not even any forum moderators that care

I don't suppose admin can add me as a moderator so that I can clear it up?
myff admin

We don't interfere with forum ownership without a mandate from members.

I know that is not helpful, but there are no good rules for these situations.

Hi I am (was) also a member of this forum and would like to get it back up and run ning again. I believe the problem wascaused by someone joining the site and spamming links to sales sites on it. I believe that i know who the administrator is. Is it possible that you could put me in touch with them please if I give you their forum username?
myff admin

I can relay a message to the forum owner, but it is not our policy to give out email addresses.

Tell me the message and I will send it.

Hi there, another showroom tavern member here. Have tried contacting admin in the past with no success. Unfortunately I don't think they actually want anything to do with the forum anymore.

I completely understand why the forum was shut, we were under sustained spam attack, and nothing was being done to stop it. The same people have been spamming numerous internet forums. However, on most of them, the spam was being deleted almost as soon as it appeared.

What happens when the admin/forum owner no longer wants to support it? Is there a procedure whereby myff admin can get involved in supporting it, or help in choosing a new administrator? Or does the forum have to remain closed?

Would there also be a way if a new forum was set up to replace it, of myff admin helping by contacting the active member list of the old forum to advise them of the new ones existence? (Not including the spammers of course Wink )
myff admin

If a new forum was set up I could do a mass email of the existing forum members. I am keen to help here, but we have to obey a set of self imposed rules that are quite sensible.

Hey Davros,

Are you up for running a new forum? Must admit to feeling slightly lost without the tavern lol

I wouldn't mind being a moderator but not sure I could commit to being admin on one.


The Tavern is Back

A new forum has been created

As Davros requested, maybe myff admin could email non spamming members of the old forum to advertise its small but loyal following of the existence of the new one.

I guess there is no chance of threads from the old one being copied over, is there?

Amongst the moans there was some really useful info on there for those whom it applied to......

Hi, Its very good news that V2 of the forum has been created, but I cant find it.
Might be me thats being idiotic but can you please post a link I can click on to take me to the new forum.

Could I suggest that we ask all members to keep the company name out of their posts as after all we all know where we work. That may help to keep the prats who spammed the old site from finding the new one.

Thankyou again.
jdgirl  that should work although you will have to sign up.again

myff admin wrote:
If a new forum was set up I could do a mass email of the existing forum members. I am keen to help here, but we have to obey a set of self imposed rules that are quite sensible.

I wonder if you could do this for us please, a few of the hardier souls have found our new home, but any help in contacting members of the old forum would be more than welcome. As long as this can be done without contacting the spammers though.
myff admin

by what miracle do you expect me to sort members from spammers? You have to be sensible here.

If we could just detect spammers there would not be any.

We would also need to know what you want emailed.

Sorry for the late reply...

If you go through the member list of the old forum you will find a relatively large number of newly registered members all of whom had made one or two posts mentioning a particular kitchen company and their shoddy product which had never appeared previously on the forum. I have no wish to give the spammers more free advertising by mentioning their name again here!  These guys are the reason you shut the forum and should be quite easy to spot! I would also suggest not contacting any members who had never posted.

I would be quite happy to do this myself, but as the old forum is understandably closed due to lack of any kind of moderation, (I believe there was only ever one administrator, and he or she was never contactable), and have no access to the list myself, I cannot.

I don't want to put you to any undue trouble, but I would greatly appreciate any help you can give in getting in contact with those former members who, I am sure would like to know that a replacement is up and running and where to find us. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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