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Show us your desktop

This is mine

Start orb by me
Wallpaper (colorsplash) by Bartelme
windows7 (7pro) theme by krissirk

I got a few questions for you...  First do you have Vista or Windows 7?  And second - what did you use to change the start menu button?

My current:

One I just changed from:

Neither are my creation sadly - but I do love how they look.

Windows7 and to change the start button:

Can't remember where I found the image, but here's mine.

I still have a lot of free shelf space.

These are my two favorites, both my creations. Though I do tend to change the background quite often.

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image


I do really like that second one!  Might see if I can bug you for something like that...

Anytime, my friend. Would love to make one for you.

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