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Enter your myff forum url here (or link to your specific problem) : www.freeswapits.myfreeforum

Please indicate keywords you have searched on: Shoutbox on howtodoit

Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>>

Can we add shoutbox to the free forums?


Stop PM'ing me!
myff admin

Oh its the freeswapit poster. Banned constantly for failing to follow the most basic guidelines.

This is one last chance....

i did search it on serach howtodoit but it has No topics or posts met your search criteria

i couldn't find any helps or guide for me on shoutbox
myff admin

So too lazy to search here.


I did a search on here, using the word 'shoutbox' and I got loads of responses, so it was clear to me he wasn't even bothering.

He'd also PM'd me twice asking how to do his shoutbox.

Good call Admin on the ban imo

To the original poster....please do not add a shot box or a chat box to your forum..

i have and still have one but it encourages your members to become lazy in the posting terms.

it encourages people to sit on a chat box talkng to one another rather than posting on the forum.

thats why i am waiting on a poster of the month hack to be installed into our forums, so i can gently
wean these chat box junkies into posting more, then i can gradually remove the chat box..

please dont add one. Forum Index -> Portal components
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