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i seem to be having some issues with my forum
i thought it was hacked, but after reading here, that may not be the case
perhaps a rogue mod is responsible... i'm clueless.

everything worked as it should, until a day or 2 back.
now, everything loads very slow--if at all
scrolling produces issues, like the entire page disappears, or gets littered with 'trails' of text and/or images.
and my shout box seems to have disappeared completely
any suggestions?

thanx all!
myff admin

Remove the shoutbox, it is obviously borked and messing up everything.


thanx for you expertise admin
i will delete it pronto!

the few regs to the site have come to rely on it--
would it be worthwhile to dump it, then re-install?
or should i look for another...?
(any suggestions as to a good one? it's subjective, i know...)

-s:. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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