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Shop - Buying in a group causes problems


shop group individual

Hi there,

In the shop on my forum, if you buy items individually it works, but when buying in a group, it comes up with this:

What's the problem?


myff admin

At what stage does that happen?

What is the shop link?

This is described in a little more detail on the site in question, at

The link to the shop is

However, I am not experiencing the problem. I get to the stage of clicking "Submit Order" in the following screenshot:

and then get the message
Shopping basket emptied
Thank you for your order

Upon checking the admin panel, I have indeed added 1 to the respective HOTDOG and CHIPS profile fields.
myff admin

The English on the thread is atrocious and it is not clear to me if the problem was fixed your end?

The error is the shop not recognizing items, something that might be caused by an item being missing in the list of items for sale. They all need to be there. Forum Index -> Portal components
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