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myff admin

Server not moved :(

Well I guess I learned something in terms of our new server monitoring systems this morning.

But one thing I will never learn is to treat datacenter engineers as the idiots they can often be.

I have had a long discussion with the datacenter down to the details of port speeds about the fact that when the Andromeda server is moved it will need a connection via a datacenter private LAN to the main rack of servers.

Today having shutdown the server it transpires that they say there is no record of that, and that the network people who can set that up will not be around till tomorrow

Fortunately the server was not actually moved and so is now back live where it was.
myff admin

Rescheduled for 10am tomorrow.
myff admin

Despite another unbelievable screw up by the datacenter, Andromeda has been moved, and the new server has now arrived here and will be configured for installing tomorrow. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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