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Serious Link Exchange

I only want to link exchange nothing more, nothing less. You post your link in my forum and I do the same for you. Simple no if your interested just tell my kay?


My forum is about The Secret Show. If you never heard of it the cartoon came from the U.K.

It airs on Nickelodeon Nicktwo if your not familiar with it. Liking it's not a requirement, but it's nice to know what your posting in. Wink

so i guess ill do it with you. But i dont get it. Link exchange but nothing mroe?

Jake wrote:
so i guess ill do it with you. But i dont get it. Link exchange but nothing mroe?

Well if you'd like me to post in your forum as well as mine that's cool too.

ok sure. the forum is Abnomally

And just to say, i made my own banner... i feel happy

How many posts fiver per say for the both of us?

Ok, i link exchange a little differently. I JOIN the site and you know... i cant explain it but ill try... i will be a part of your forum community.
Paul Smith

Link exchange

I am happy to place a link on my forum.  You will be happy to know my domain name is which is how I found you!  Anyway I do have a site for British Expats with a forum.  Do you want your link on my forum and the actual site or just the forum?

Also if you are confused by my British IP address, I use a British VPN to watch the BBC.  I am based in Houston Texas.  Send me a email with the link you wish me to place or post. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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