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I am totally new to all of this. How do you get more links to come up on google. Is there a technic or something you can do to achieve this. Having just started i have no members and realize that a link exchange would most likely not be something people will be interested in with me yet. If anyone has some advise on how i can make my forum show up on google more or with a better page rank that would be awesome.

Thank you

myff admin

There are about 60 topics in this very forum all about this, have you read them?

Like i had said i am new to this. I was hoping could give me an easy way to get started with this before i try something more advanced. I just dont want to screw things up for myself
myff admin

The easy way to get started is to read and learn, don't you think others would have asked the same questions? Or do you think we should give you a personal service? You are not even asking a specific question.

from what i have read so far i need more incoming links. How do you get more incoming links? Does this mean that i need to link exchange with alot of other places or somehow have more links to my forum. If i need more links to my forum how do i get those or create those? Does each post or topic have its own google link? So i guess I have 2 questions then. how to get more incoming links and are all post or topics got there own link?
myff admin

Incoming links are indeed where it is at, link exchanges will get you some, the coop ad network in the control panel extras will get you some more.

Having your link in your sig will also help if you post on other forums. But links from quality sites are earnt by having good content, which is why we have a thread on here for people to boast about quality links they have achieved.

Doing well with search engines is a benign circle, if you have good reference content in stickies which people will want to post links to, then those links will creep up the search engine rankings.

Try and rely purely on gimmicks and you will get no where fast.

thank you for your help i think i have found a few things to do to add incoming links

thanks Matt

One of the most important factors that influence the search engine ranking of your site is the number of backlinks you have. Almost every search engine takes the number of backlinks into account while evaluating and ranking your site in the SERPs. The number of backlinks is the most important factor for ranking well in Google. Have doubts? Just type the key phrase “click here” in Google and check the first site that shows up in the search results. It does not have the keyword “click here” in its title, nor in its description, its meta keywords and most surprisingly not even in the body of the content. Then why does it rank number one in Google out of 1,190,000,000 webpages that are there in the competition ? This is because at the time of writing this article, that very webpage has 1,150,000 backlinks pointing to it and all the links have the word “click here” as its anchor text.
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Blogs – One of the best ways of creating one-way links for your site is through the posting of comments in blogs. Just include the URL of your site while posting comments in blogs and soon you will build a good many number of one-way links for your site.

Forums – Posting in forums is also an excellent way for building backlinks. But don't post your URL directly in the discussion boards or else the spam busters would get you banned and removed from the forum. The best way to do it is through your signature. Include the URL of your site in your signature and then whenever you post a comment in the forum you will be leaving behind a link to your site along with your name.

Social Networks – Since the evolution of WEB2.0 social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Tagworld etc are the hottest zones on the Internet today. Millions of people visit these sites daily for making friends or for promoting their products or services. You may also register at such sites and post links to your site along with the comments that you make at your friend's profile. In this way you may create large number of backlinks for your site.

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Directories – Submit you website in as many web directories as you can. These web directories attract a large number of visitors daily and so you may get a good number of visitors from such directories. Submission in directories also helps in building quality backlinks for your website. Consider submitting your website in leading web directories such as

Link exchange – Though it is a very old method for building traffic and backlinks, link exchange still works. Exchange links with quality and relevant sites for building backlinks.

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The above mentioned methods will help you build umpteen number of backlinks for your site. But always remember that the content of your site is what really matters. Concentrate on making exceptionally good content and others will voluntarily link to your site.

Hope this will help you.

mrLenin, or anyone who knows. I can see what you mean about backlinks and getting as many as you can. However, I can't get my head around the anchor text issue. I thought that was quiet a good idea, use keywords in the anchor text for backlinks.

However, I have just been informed that this could be counterproductive. For example I want to backlink my forum on the support forum. So I use my keywords in the anchor text. BUT, this forum currently has a higher google rank than my own, as does everyother place I put my anchor text backlink. Surely those sites would usurp my when searching on the keywords, thus pushing my site down the rankings.

I may be wrong on that, but am in the process of removing anchor text just in case until someone can explain why hat would not be the case.
myff admin

I think you are misunderstanding the role of anchor text.

Anchor text adds a big bonus to your site, it says your site is worth linking to about those keywords.

Of course it also adds a mild bump to the site linked from about those keywords, but nothing like the bonus you get.

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
I think you are misunderstanding the role of anchor text.

Anchor text adds a big bonus to your site, it says your site is worth linking to about those keywords.

Of course it also adds a mild bump to the site linked from about those keywords, but nothing like the bonus you get.

I have just been reading something about that on here, which does make it clear the anchor text is the way to go.

Thinking about it logically if a higher ranked site only has the keywords in the anchor text of a couple of posts, it will no have has much relevance search enging wise as the site you are linking too.

Alright this proves that this forum provides the best information and all other forums should be ignored

I was told that anchor text on a highly ranked forum was a bad thing after a post I made on a highly ranked forum for a popular hit counter.

They indicated that by using my keywords on their site, my site would e pushed down the rankings when googling as they have a better page rank.

So google "Childminders, Long Eaton, Sawley and Sandiacre, Nottingham" and see if you can find the forum and post I am talking about .

The information was incorrect, as my site comes top for the above search, whilst their higher ranking page, comes below me.
myff admin

This brings me back to one of my main SEO rules.


Maybe they work this week, maybe they don't. But they are unlikely to work in the long term, search engines evolve and hence any esoteric method of climbing their rankings is real greasy pole stuff.
Good content and good links with anchor text are a solid way to go up the rankings, and grabbing as much of that as you can without fussing about being clever with the fashion of the week is the way to get places.

This is a tip from you that I have followed when building the site, and that is exactly what I have been doing with the site, I don't have the time to keep up with every new fad, and from what I have read they can be a good way to get you banned from search engines.

So we are now at the stage of building good quality pages with lots of keywords that, more importantly, will be of interest to people looking for childminders. We have just added an articles page and intend to publish a lot of useful articles on how the group works and implements government strategies into their practices.

The only thing I have done to get the site 32nd of nearly 100,000 results, for a particular search based on being crawled once, is have quality content and made use of the title tag. Backlinks are not even showing up yet, so hopefully the backlinks I am creating (mainly on sites that cover childcare because they are relevant) will hopefully boost the rank.

I read an awful lot of tricks and tips when reading about SEO, but when you read a bit more into them you can find out they are a shortcut to get google to ban you.

As the old proverb goes, softly softly catchy monkey. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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