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SEO advice when buying domains from myff


Keywords: own domain

I have four questions for other forum owners who have their own domains and redirect to their forum on myff, if i buy 3 domains from myff (link >>;

  1. will google recognise the url of those domains or the url of the myff subdomain which i am hosted on?
  2. will google cache the words of the current myff subdomain pages or will it cache an empty page due to redirecting?
  3. will google recognise the titles of my topics or will it only recognise the title of the 3 domain index pages?
  4. will i be breaking google rules by redirecting from 3 new domains to myff subdomain?
myff admin

We only support one domain going to a forum, this is not a redirection, to all extents and purposes the domain is the forum.

If you have multiple domains on one set of pages by whatever means, then google will penalize you.

e.g. if you create a domain and get the forum put on it, you should alway promote the single domain link and not the forum link.

Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated.

Yeah, one domain would be enough, was just been greedy.

Now to decide what domain would give a good ranking in google.

How long will the forum link remain active after the domain link is setup?
myff admin

For ever.


Sorry, i just realised i probably should have posted this in the Search Engine thread. Forum Index -> Running your community
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