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Sending pm to new members on reg

Have been looking at this , and can not get it to work,,,

The settings i have are to trigger action of a pm on registration.

However when they do register it forces them to the profile page profile.php.

And when they sign in no pm ?

Trigger   registration.
Target  selected/registering member.

Tested it on many forums.
myff admin

I'll work on this later. There have been other regressions in the actions, so it is probably trivial.
myff admin

I have put in a failsafe that a PM has to be from someone that exists.

But I think your problem (and mine when trying to get this to work again) may come down to the need to get the PM target right.

If needs to be set to the "* version" of "To target member from first admin". This is because as a registering member the member is not allowed to send PMs, and they need to be sent the PM by an admin. Forum Index -> Portal components
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