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myff admin


This forum has been suspended following a legal threat that we have to take seriously.

A warning was posted on the forum yesterday, but no response was forthcoming.

Please can an admin make contact here.
Thomas Muir


I received an email notice regarding a post on our forum from about two years ago. On receiving this request, I deleted the post in question, and said post is not there.

I didn't realise I had to post on this forum that the post had been deleted!!!
Thomas Muir

How long will it be before my forum is back up and running ?
myff admin

I will unsuspend now. Please check the post made by editor about the issue and deal with it.
Thomas Muir

As I said, the post was deleted when I first received the email, but I didn't realise I had to contact anybody about it. I've not been in this position before, so it is a learning curve for myself.

Sorry if we have been at cross purposes here connectivity is limited right now. I had had no  acknowledgement the issue had been recognised or resolved. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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