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myff admin

Scary graph

Goes a way to explaining some of the pressure on the servers lately. Pressure that should be relieved for now following a lot of operation tweaks.

The chart is from the UK datacenter that we started migrating to in October, the latter massive rises are a result of the "ad serving lark" that was have got our selves into. There has been quite a painful learning curve there But it is all beneficial in the end.

Ah, i'm not very technical but even i know that's not good.

Could this be the reason the forums were quite slow the past 2 or 3 weeks?

If I was to post the latest it would be scarier!

But another server is on order....
myff admin

With the very latest 30mb is on the scale!

We will certainly need one more server, and quite likely it is going to be best to buy another two more.

We currently have 64 cores and 184gb RAM.

Two more will probably add 32 more cores and another 96gb of RAM.

It would bring the main server total to 8 servers. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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