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Running A Kommunity / Suspended Forum

I was running a Mortal Kombat Fan Game Community for some time and things went south when I left.

I have returned and fixed a lot of drama, with the help of the MYFF Staff, but I keep getting constantly
asked if I can fix the last bit.

The above forum was suspended the same day that our forum was deleted by the same Rogue Admin.
There were community members post and Fan Game progress that were suspended when this happened
that they seem to think I can somehow undo. I have agreed to post here on their behalf to unsuspend it.

I have asked them no to bug you guys here for some time. I have also invited the ADMIN of MKKA, FIREBOY,
to MKMP (Restored Forum) as a temporary home, with no issues thus far.

We may come an respond to this post with the promise to remove ANY AND ALL OFFENSIVE/DERROGATORY
posts/threads, but we will post only once.

We have learned from our mistakes and will not flood/spam you with nonsense.

Please and thank you. Free MKKA. You are our "Elder Gods" and our last hope at saving our communities MK MUGEN WORKS!

Admin has rejected this and rejected the appeal, asking again and again is becoming an irritant. Topic locked. Forum Index -> Running your community
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