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rogued help

Can someone help here?
i got a mail from a fellow admin today on my forum saying my password had been changed and when i tried to log on i was blocked lucky i have another admin and got them to change it all back.
anyways now i have got emails being changed and passwords and i dont know what to do help?

Disapprove all the other admin you have. You haven't been hacked, it's just a rouge admin.

i have only 2 now with me and things have still been changed and i trust these 2

would it be wise to lock forum till i get to bottom of it you think?

Hmm and that was me seem to be logged out of everything right now

No. Just carry on as normal. You should never have had more than 2 admin anyway
myff admin

You have to face the fact hat someone security has been compromised, either because they are rogue or they are leaving the PC logged on and someone they know is doing things.

If they are good admins, they will understand a lock down to a single admin.

Indeed why have more than 2 admin??? unless your site is huge even on the ghosthousegang with over

200 members and over

63462 articles

we still only have 3 admin you do not need so many admins and mods for such a small site.

You trust them... really?
I have 3 admins, Me, myself and I... all my accounts, just in case. I do have another admin account on my other forum that isn't me but I trust that guy implicitly and know that if he broke it, he'd be able to fix it

It can only be as described above... not a hacker unless you have a trojan on your computer and you have been keystroked!

Well in fact i do trust them they have been cool as i have just moved and they kept watch but on saying that when this happened i took all admin off!
And thought right what now!
and things was still being changed and right now they still are!
which is odd?
myff admin

Have you mods as well? does the action log in the admin panel give a clue? have you changed your own password?

Yes i have mods and right now im in 2 minds as what to do!
I watch everyone or knew everyone who become mods i do trust most of the guys who was mod/admin!
just 1 of them now has posted about him having no in fact this is what they said

> I use an always on router (wireless) though encrypted its possible to
> make use of my internet connection if you have access to my computer
> (even remotely)
> I have just removed 4 viruses and 1 key logger annoyingly so it may have
> been down
to my computer and some annoying fool.
> Sorry.

Now i am starting to feel i have been let down?
could it be the truth what they are saying?
what in fact happened was this guy sent me a forward mail which was a dear shaz your password has been changed mail and all that jargon.
thing was it wasnt sent to me!
panic i went to look being i thought i was signed in as i had been posting till i got this mail!
i was shocked to find that i had met my 5 log in attempts?
anyway as luck would have it i had a very trusted mate online and they went in and said my email had been changed to my other admins email and then i guess my password was changed?
now this must of been in a short time as i said i was posting prior to that!
when i pulled all admins barr one off i questioned them all and was given the reply that i might of had pc hacked!
well im not that bright but do hackers really (i would find this hard to take in) hack someones pc then find a forum that they just happen to be a member of and change peoples passwords it wasnt just me others had profile comments changed and many have had emails changed to something thats isnt real.
I dont intend to have any admin now but will i have same trouble having mods?
other than that i had someone who wanted me to drop this forum and join his which was reason i paid a while back to remove ads!
they seemed to target our siet so at first i thought it him.
So all confusing all makes very little sense and i aint that bright

Have you read this?
admin wrote:
does the action log in the admin panel give a clue?

This WILL tell you who is doing what and who did what.

I did read it and i cant understand what i am looking for!
i have spent hours looking!
ips well aol all tend to be same?
times yep had just this guy on but would be as he was me?
just dont say what they was doing or where they was or am i missing something?

It only logs what actions have been done e.g edit or delete etc so see whos messing around.

to stop any trouble its simple remove all other admins back to user change your password and if you have told them the forum password to get into forum footer go change that aswell

Look at the attached
Logs is where to look (circled)
Click logs actions

|| will show what they have done ||

Edit 1639 27 Apr 2006 06:09 pm
1170 Register 0 27 Apr 2006 05:43 pm
1169 Edit 1635 27 Apr 2006 04:13 pm
1168 Edit 1617 27 Apr 2006 03:24 pm
1167 Edit 1617 Apr 2006 03:19 pm
1166 Edit 1290 27 Apr 2006 12:57 pm
1165 Edit 1637 27 Apr 2006 12:25 pm
1164 Edit 1614 27 Apr 2006 11:43 am
1163 Register 0 27 Apr 2006 11:43 am
1162 Edit

well thats what happened!
means nothing cept we had lots of edits lol
myff admin

Just seen which forum it is a great shame when it is such a good forum.

Who did the edits? Was it one of the admins? If it is you and you didn't make the edits then it would seem as though you have a problem with your own PC security. Do you log out? Do you always log out?

Change ALL of the passwords and don't tell anyone what they are, not even your logon password. I'd remove the other admins and mods and make them members. If it continues to happen then it is YOUR security that is compromised. The other admins and Mods will understand why you have to take these steps.

It wasnt me who made edits it was the guy whose mail clip i posted earlier who said about keylogger!
yes his admin and yes i have doubts!

Re: hacked help

How did he know your passowrd had been changed?
Anonymous wrote:

i got a mail from a fellow admin today on my forum saying my password had been changed

The ONLY way he could know your password had changed would be if HE changed it.
Looking at that log it seems that it may have been cleared recently as it is all dated 27th. When did this happen? I'd suggest that the rogue admin may have deleted the log AFTER They made the change to your account to hide what they had done.

well he got email as my email was changed my mate spotted that!
if its him i shall kick his ass off!
i just want to be sure its nothing else!

and i sent that bit to you and just sent today i didnt think it right to paste the whole lot for world to see?

shazlew wrote:

if its him i shall kick his ass

NO whats his poor mule cross donkey done to you,, i,ll call the R.S.P.C.A

If you think it is him if you have doubts why oh why are you asking i,d have kicked him ages ago

Read here

And for everyones sake stop screaming i,ve been hacked tell the truth,,"I,ve been stupid enough to allow people to Be mod or admin who i didn't know but because they asked i let them, now they have messed my board up"

lol thanks!
this guy was a mate has been a long while i trusted him big time but seems when something gets good you cant trust anyone

I think that about sums it up Symon.

Admin is not a rank or the sort of position to give someone you are 'unsure' of. Admin is for a reason and that reason is the high end of things that can DESTROY a forum, DELETE it or just break it beyone your repair. It would be a shame to see your forum trashed. Why did you need to make that many users admin?

I used to keep Arachnids and found it a great read by the way.

Ok i could have worded it slightly different but the painful truth is that most people hire mods and admins to the person whos shouts the most or joins first?????

well was ,eamt to be 2 admin
me and this nice chap then i moved and needed someone else and well off we go!
then i 2 more just because they are me 2 and i thought i might be clever should it happen again

just seen what i wrote sod typing in the dark lol

shazlew wrote:
well was ,eamt to be 2 admin
me and this nice chap then i moved and needed someone else and well off we go!
then i 2 more just because they are me 2 and i thought i might be clever should it happen again

I don't have a clue what you mean... sorry Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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