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Rogue Admin

Hi there I've got a similar problem on my Forum.
I'd be happy to donate the 10 dollars but I want to make sure the forum can be restored and to what day?  Thanks for the response.

I've split your post from the other thread. Please make sure you don't hijack other peoples threads with your own issue.

Back-ups are kept for 7 days and you will need to state roughly how many posts your forum had and when it was tampered with.

Looking at your forum, it seems there are still quite a lot of posts. What specifically happened to your forum? Were you deleted as an admin? Please be more specific.
myff admin

To be pedantic, backups are around for a lot more than 7 days in various forms.

But rogue restore type backups are there for 7 days only.

Fair enough. I edited my post as it looks like there hasn't been a lot deleted.

No nothing nearly as severe as being hacked or anything.  An Admin just took cleaning a bit too far.  Whats the next step for me?  The donation?  Or do u guys need more info?  I'd want the site to go back to 3 or more days ago. Thanks

you make the donation via the shop link,, making sure you state the date the cleaning took place, and the forums address. must be the myfree address
myff admin

We also need a hint on number of posts.

and you must remember this is a restore, posts made since will be lost. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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