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myff admin

Road warrior

feeling rather pleased right now

For 300 I have got a refurb 17.2" Dell Inspiron notebook with 4gb of ram

I have Ubuntu installed and it.

1) Works with my vodafone dongle.
2) Works with an open version of XenCenter
3) If I simply copy everything from my main machines home directories no notable nasties occur. So I can easily sync, the worst thing is the screen layout is imperfect as the main machine is a two monitor setup so there are more and bigger panels than i'd choose on the notebook. But that is hardly fatal.

The net result is  my work environment is now readily portable. Previously I have been relying on a windows notebook and a windows netbook.

The netbook is obviously very portable but the things are impossible to really work on.

Next step an Android tablet.

Picked up a galaxy tab for 250.

It is much better than using a phone, when on the road.

And as it is only 7" it is a really practical size.

Oh, I so want one of those (Galaxy tab). Don't know why, just think it would be cool.

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