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RMVX is RPG Maker VX - (Vista/Xp I'm guessing - since the last version was XP)

Anyway, I got my hands on it, and I've been working on a game.  Done some tweaks, bouncing between game content, items/skills/stats/etc and game features.

I've got some friends helping with the images, since I'm not that great..

Anyway, I brought this up because I just spent 4 hours fixing someone else's code... but I'm too lazy to type it all again, so check it out here:

You can also follow along with the game-making process at
myff admin

link not working.

The site auto-redirects back to that one, so I guess it's just a waiting game for now.

link now works

for me it worked within 10 minutes of getting them set  

So I know it's just time.

It makes me want to link you guys to DigiPen.


DigiPen is a university that fields in game design. They have courses for students willing to learn. They have had their students hired right out of class, fun fact: Portal (by VALVe) was originally thought up by students at DigiPen


if you are too impatient to ask and just want it:


those screenshots look a lot like a game i used to play called Becher Bar, you ever played it?

the layout of the rooms just looks so similar, man i loved that game.

anyway, it looks cool keep us updated....

I guess im probs gonna have to watch ur blog aren't I, oh well, might as well lol.

I'm coming along with the back-side of it nicely, a friend of mine with experience in RMXP just got RMVX and is helping with mapping - which will help me a lot... I'm not the best with maps  

But I'm adding in misc scripts to get it to work the way I want right now, still need to get graphics done though >_<

It's actually coming along rather fast back-end for right now!  Maps are around... 0.01% done overall, but once I get the main back-end done I can work on the rest. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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