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I was unable to login to RidgeRunnerBuggy and I am guessing that the site was deactivated.  Is this true?  Is there a way to email the admin directly?  I desire to take this site over if the current admin is not interested.

myff admin

the site has been made that way by the owner, and they are the owner, I can email them this thread but that is all I can do,
myff admin

On looking the board is empty of members and posts. So there is nothing that can be done.

Do you have a backup?  Can I become the new owner? Can you email the last owner to see if they mind if I take if over?
myff admin

I have tried to contact, but there is no guarantee even that a backup with the data exists as we have no idea when all this was deleted.

I understand. That would be most unfortunate if we cannot recover the data. Thanks for working with me. I would like to recover the site in hope that I can get people to post and rebuild.

What would be the next steps if the Admin would not respond?  How long do you wait for a response from the admin? Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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