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Resurrecting an old forum


First of all, apologies if this has already been covered (I've had a search & can't seem to find anything)

My problem is that I would like to resurrect a forum that I once had admin privileges to (see above url?). I'm not the forum owner, but have been unable to contact them. My last status was as admin, but I can no longer log-in using the admin account so can't access the control panel.

Is there any way I can be reinstated as admin in order to bring it back to life?

Many thanks in advance for any advice/help


myff admin

The forum owners there moved away from myff, as I recall they had a long running feud with another myff forum.

It stands to reason that they would not think a take over appropriate.

No, that was the owner of Countryways..................a complicated affair that caused upset between a few folk. Anyhoo, that's all water under the bridge now, & peace has been made between the less petty members involved. In any case, Wellies was never part of that.

My question however, wasn't open to subjective appraisals of whether it's appropriate or not. The old forum contained a lot of valuable posts & info' that I would like to make public again. So, can it be done, or is it at the discretion of yourself alone (in which case it would appear I could be banging my head off a brick wall)
myff admin

Sorry if I got the forums mixed up.

The standard procedure for an ownership change is to start a thread on the forum to demonstrate support for the change, and to link to it here.

I would not be overly hopeful though, we do have to respect the right of owners over their forums, and I would like to know why what was once an active forum is dead. Letting a new admin in and giving them access to the details of 100's of members is not something that can be done lightly.

Ok, I understand & appreciate that, cheers.

The reason it fell by the wayside was in part, due to the feud that existed between CW & OTG..........Wellies lost a lot of members due to the split, & consequently the post count plummeted. as they visited less & less. As I mentioned though, any ill-feeling that may have existed between myself personally & the owners of OTG has long been forgotten (in fact, I'm now actually an active member of OTG with their blessing)

The owner of Wellies (Calli) was a good friend of mine for some time.........unfortunately, she & I have lost touch due to her relocating (and her not having had an online presence for some time has prevented me getting her blessing)

Many of the members that were once active on Wellies are now actually personal friends too, & it would be nice to have the place brought back to life. The majority of the remainder are either active on OTG, CW, or have drifted away to the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

I fully-appreciate your reluctance, but can offer assurances that there are no ulterior motives! Merely the desire to see a once hugely-enjoyable forum given the chance of a come-back.

Incidentally, the forums thread status have all bee changed to 'Locked', so I can't actually start a new thread

Well, I've e-mailed the original owner of Wellies & had no response. Given the length of time it's been inactive, & the number of previous members still posting on other forums, is there really such an issue with re-opening it? Even if the ownership remian unchanged, is it feasible to allow admin access to re-establish the forum? Then, if & when the original owner decides to come back, the forums main admin access can revert to her? In any case, it's not as though admin access would br granted to a complete newcomer, as I was a long-standing member with admin access in any case.

And at the end of the day the place still remains under the overall control of MYFF, so if an issue does arise (not that I would expect any), MYFF admin can press the big red button..................

There is some support for re-opening Wellies, but due to the threads all being locked no-one can voice it on-forum. I have asked the members interested to post their support here, but it may take a day or so for them to get around to it.

In order to prevent them (and me!) wasting their time, can you give us an indication as to whether you would consider allowing admin access, or if you've decided it's a dead duck?

If the latter, I have the intention of beginning a new forum, but this would mean the loss of historical threads from the original.............................

The problem is that the original owner closed the forum.  It was their decision to close it, and could be seen as quite rude for MFF to reopen the site - regardless of who the owner is.  It was THEIR site, and it was THEIR choice, reversing that needs VERY good reason.  Plenty of sites have closed down and have been reopened elsewhere, and that may be the choice you need to take here.

Overall only the MFF Admin can give the final word, but I see this as a bit of a struggle for you.  While it would be nice to see a busy forum reopened, it would be rude to go against the owner's wishes of closing the forum.
myff admin

Also like it or not this forum and its members was on the periphery of a lot of unpleasantness.

It would be extremely irresponsible of me to hand it over, and expose the members private detail.

We have to call this dead.

Ok, that's fair enough & I respect both your decision, and the circumstances under which it's been taken................

Thanks anyway Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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