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restrictions for google cache

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I have sections on my forum that are restricted to certain groups of members. But its just been pointed out that people can search google cache for them and they show up so they can see the pages without even having to be members of the site.  Is there anyway around this where i can restrict what google cache shows up
myff admin

It is very unlikely that stuff will be cached by google unless it is in areas where you have changed the permissions.

though you might want to check what permissions are being given to searchbots? phpbb3 will allow you to shoot yourself in the foot like that, as searchbots do have seperate permissions.

yeah they have access as a member has shown me links to a google cache page that should be in a restriced area.

just looked at there permissions and it says bot access to each of the seperate forums

what should i change the bot acces to on these forums please.
myff admin

Given the complex nature of phpbb3 permissions it is very hard if not impossible to give a straightforward answer to changing permissions, as it is not like phpbb2 where if access is being allowed somewhere there are only a couple of possibilities as to how that access is being granted.

ok i will see what i can change

all those forums have standard bot access.  if i change them so the bots can not read those forums will those pages still be kept in google cache
myff admin

That does sound like the problem, you are letting the bots in and hence they can cache results. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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