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Restore Request

Its been a few days, but im hoping it is still possible to restore my forum. I originally thought it may have been hacked, but after reading your posts here on the support forum, I know otherwise. A user on the forum allready payed the 10 dollars, the transaction number is 8FH67397C8054753T . I would like it to be restored the oldest backup possible, i guess that is the full 7 days? Thanks, let me know if there are any problems.
myff admin

We need to know the number of posts we are looking for, and the needs to be an email to admin[at] with the control panel password, as you are a new poster and there is no obvious evidence that this forum needs a restore which does afterall overwrite what is now there.

Okay, we have a problem. The 'main' admin doesnt come around much anymore. I had his password at one time, but I don't know it now. I'm not sure how else I can prove that im legit. I emailed the main admin and I'm waiting for a reply now. Is there ANY way possible you can hold the backup's a day? I'm really desperate here, don't know what to do.

I dont remember the exact number of posts, but I believe it was around 2000? The evidence is there, becuase we have only 114 posts, and almost 300 users. Nearly all of them are deleted. Only Announcement, Poll, etc. threads are left. Again, not sure what else I can do here.
myff admin

You could link to a thread on your forum we could look at about the issue.

I am saving last Mondays backup.

You have to see we cannot just overwrite a forum because someone has paid us.

Thank you. I do understand that security, it's just not working in my favor this time. I will email you the second I get a reply.

There isnt any single post the has a problem, its just the lack of posts which is the problem, have a look for yourself, most sections are public.
myff admin

but if you link to a thread about the issue of a restore, I can see evidence that it is not just you asking!

Oh, I understand what you are saying, but I have not made such a thread. Most of the active members join our chat, and I informed them there, so I didn't make one.

5 minutes later...
I just made a post, as it seemed like a good idea to let other know about what is going on. Maybe it's too late for it, but it's done either way...
myff admin

The thread mentions scripts, previously you only talked about posts.

I have only saved the posts database backup, what are these scripts?
myff admin

Okay I see what is meant by scripts. I am going to do this I think as I think there is just about no risk this is false request.
myff admin

I have restored from the oldest backup and it has done no good.

You really were slow off the mark in reporting the issue.

Oh my. That is truly sad to hear. None of us are around full time, something like this was bound to happen. I really appreciate your assistance, and your great service here, but it looks like we must move on now. We may stay and continue, not sure, need to speak with the others and decide what we are going to do. Again, thanks for all you have done, wish there was more we could do here. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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