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Sup ?

Am i the forum operator personally responsible for every post on the forum ?

Of late there has been a few racist jokes that one or two people have commented on and a couple of close to the edge discussions.

Just wondering what the story is legally and in myff`s eyes.
myff admin

Legally the internet is still something of a gray area, by our terms and conditions and in my view by every sane and sensible definition the forum owner is fully legally responsible for the content of their forum.

We can't monitor everything and so the legal buck should not stop with us, though we will of course take action when alerted to illegal content. A forum owner of a busy forum has a responsibility to employ a team of mods to monitor content, if a forum owner can't find enough sane and sensible members of a forum to do that then something is probably wrong with the forum.

Unpleasant/hateful content is an even grayer area and if we think a forum has strayed over the line and that it has become a "hate" forum then we will close it down regardless of the legality.

A few racist jokes, does not make us close down a forum, but neither does it win you any friends/support from myff. I strongly recommend forum admins moderate/ban racist morons.

Thanks for the usual fast reply.

I have a team of very good and level headed mods and admin staff , i thought long and hard before choosing the people i did.

We`re just finding it hard to find the balance , theres not been any hate speech or such like and we don`t want to clamp down overy hard and take the fun out of the forum
In these days of Facebook and Twitter we are still attracting a good number of daily visitors and posters

long may the forum continue ,,not easy when you lay down rules  then have to enforce them,cant be friends with everyone
dont eny you that one gunny Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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