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Rescuing admin password

Hello all

I'm not sure if I have the right section for this question but I couldn't see where else might fit better. I inherited the admin role for a forum ( and carried this out for a few years without any problem. I've since lost touch with the person who set up the forum. Around a year ago I couldn't find the time to administer the forum so passed it on to someone else, a frequent user. I gave him the password to both the admin login on the forum and the email account I set up for the purpose. He - very sensibly - changed both.

I hadn't used the forum for a while and a few months ago a user contacted me to say the forum was not being maintained. I checked and it is littered with spam messages and has pretty much fallen into disuse. I contacted the person I passed the admin role onto and he told me that he had forgotten both the admin and email passwords! He couldn't reset the admin password as he couldn't access the email account either.

I have managed to gain access to the email account by resetting the password myself - I knew the relevant information required as I set it up. I've asked to have the admin password reset but I've received no email, despite trying several times.

So... is there anything I can do? Is this password reset email not being received a known problem? Is there any other way of getting the admin password reset? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I can't think of anything else I can do and it's such a shame to see this local resource in such a state.

Thanks in anticipation.

Martyn Thomas
myff admin

You can use the control panel rather than the admin panel to gain access.;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

Thanks myff admin

I can't login here as I don't know the admin password anymore as I explained. I've tried to have it sent to my email address but I suspect this is the address of the person who orignally set up the forum rather than the current admin? In any case I got no email at the forum admin email account. And I don't have contact anymore with the person who set up the forum.


It's the person who set up the forum who'd have the right to access the control panel, not you.

If this is a case of wanting to take over and abandoned forum there is a procedure in place to do that, but it is every admin's right to leave their forum for periods of time and expect it to still be there when they return.

In this case it seems you were given an admin role, you then passed it onto someone else who then also abandoned it.

There's a monumental amount of spam posts on there, seems strange the forum software didn't pick up on it and auto-suspend it.

Thanks for that Bravo. So, have you (or anyone else) any idea what the procedure is to rescue an abandonned forum - because that is effectively what has happened?

Thanks for being so responsive by the way.
myff admin

The procedure is to start a thread on that forum and gain support from member, then link to a thread here requesting ownership change.

Unfortunately if you can't get any of the existing members to back you, and there may of course be a problem contacting them, we cannot make the change.

You are right it is overrun with spam, this may make the forum become suspended .

However a quick check lead to this post where the admin has left their email addres, have you tried to contact them using this email.?

symon wrote:
You are right it is overrun with spam, this may make the forum become suspended .

However a quick check lead to this post where the admin has left their email addres, have you tried to contact them using this email.?

Hi Symon

That message was posted by me when I was acting as admin and that's the email address I set up and passed onto to the new guy.

myff admin - that sounds a plan! I'll start a thread and shouldn't have a problem getting quite a few people to post on it. I've had a number of people contact me to complain about the forum as they knew I was running it in the past. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do anything but hopefully I can now get it back running again.

Thanks for your help and I'll be back soon

The forum email account is the one posted on that thread if you have access to it then i would try a rest password again and this time check your spam, or blocked email address.

I've tried resetting it quite few times Symon but don't received an email in the inbox or anywhere else. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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