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Request to Transfer Ownership

Searching through similar topics I am somewhat aware of the protocol for assuming ownership of a forum, but it is largely unclear. Moreover, there is no information on how to amicably transfer ownership to another member. I was wondering if someone could clarify the process involved.

The chap who created our forum has decided to move on after years of inactivity. I contacted him recently and he has agreed to transfer ownership to another admin though he would like to retain his account for posterity.

Is this possible and how do we go about it? I understand it is a simple matter of the MFF admins contacting the current owner and then doing some wizardry to the accounts?
myff admin

I have emailed the owner. Failing that it is a matter of a cross linked visible thread on the forum which allows the owner to express the desire to hand over.

Excellent, it's as I thought. Thanks Admin.

Hi guys,

I posted this in the thread about the MFF shutting down but it seems to have gotten lost in the crowd. I thought I'd ask again here for completeness.

With the recent news about the future of the MFF service, I'm concerned that we haven't heard anything more on transferring ownership from the absent founder to one of the active admins. Will we be able to export our forum if our registered owner is still AWOL? If not, is there a way we can expedite the ownership transfer process?

Thanks a lot guys.
myff admin

What we need is the cross linked thread I asked for. So we can see your members want this and they can see the discussion here.

Thanks again buddy. I thought after you emailed them it was all in hand. I'll create the post now.

Okey dokey. The wheel is officially turning now. I've made an announcement on our forum which can be found here

I assume we have to wait a week or so to give everybody a chance to have their say?

Hey guys. Any updates on this? Not sure what I have to do now.
myff admin

I have PM'd you. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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