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Request Rank Images, Please Read Before Requesting.

First of all please check this thread to see if we all ready have the ones you require.

Next you must leave a link to the required rank images, so we can see they are open source(freely made available), This does not apply if you have made the ranks yourself.

Can Do`s

1. Download them to your pc, if they are from a website.

2. Add them to a .zip file, ( you can use 7Zip , if you do not have a .zip package, it is free).

3. Now use the Attach File link to post them below in this topic.

Once uploaded Admin will give you the link.


1. Don't request us to make your rank images for you, If you need ranks made then please visit CGarts.

2. Don't upload them in any other file for example .rar , they must be in a valid .zip

3. Don't say you want for example horse ones then expect us to find them and do all the leg work for you.

4. Don't ask for ranks that are not open source (free).

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Updated as of 28th march 2011

Rank Image Request

Howdy doodle!

I was hoping someone could upload the rank images I have created myself.

I'm at, and I use PHPBB3

I zipped the file, and I'm attaching it here.

Please note: I'm new to the whole forum thing, so please be patient with me, and excuse if I sound like a total moron.

Click to download file

if as you say you have created, them could you please give them a title by renaming the zip with the name of the rank set, to ensure they have their own folder in with the other ranks we have available


No problem! Thanks!

Click to download file

Thank you, once admin see's this, I'm sure they'll be uploaded and he'll reply with a link to them in the available ranks topics.

I have created a set of rank images I would like to use on my forum. My forum URL:

Click to download file
myff admin


I have transferred my forum from phpbb2 to phpbb3 and would like my old rank images uploaded to the new version. My forum is

The zip file is

Click to download file


myff admin

the old rank images should already be there. So I am a bit confused.

I am however deploying (again?) as "airfix".

Thanks very much.


I'd like to submit a Rank Set I made. There are 25 Dragon Pips here.

My board is:

Click to download file Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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