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Reporting about children sex site

you must close this site :

because this site about movies and pictures of children sex who under ( -18  ) .

and this site sell pictures and movies of nude children .

Be Careful this is dangerous for domain .

Thank you .
myff admin

This is not a helpful report.

An accusation without evidence can only lead us to having to trawl through the site.

We do not close sites because of a report that may simply be malicious

If there is illegal content give a link.

If this proves true then police would be involved, surely?  Just closing it down would enable them to go elsewhere, but police could hopefully track some of them down, and you just never know some poor kid living a hellish life might be saved.
myff admin

Looking a bit further I still see nothing whatsoever of this nature.

But there are a whole lot of posts made up of just numbers. Making this look like what you might call masking content.

e.g. there is nothing that makes this forum look legit.

So I am going to suspend it. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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