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john the man

reporting a site that purports to contain child pornography

it appears the above site is hosting links to child pornography

with threads such as My PTHC & PTSC video collection. Part 1 (enjoy )))
and EVERY DAY FRESH LINKS TO CP!!! 10-16 Yrs old!

for anyone not knowing what PTHC & PTSC is, it stands for preteen hardcore and preteen softcore child pornography

now i mod at 2 chans (which i can't post links to due to content being rated 18+) but suffice to say we are bombarded daily with these links ,which are not allowed

we do not and will not ever host links to child pornography ,and i and other moderators will report said links to the forum owners ,and when we have the time to file hosts ,

due to the use of and abuse of proxies we can't report people to the authorities leaving many chans open to abuse ,we hope this will change in the near future by tighter restrictions being placed on the said proxie owners

i hope the above is enough to close down the above forum, and that you have enough information for you to contact the relevant authorities to prosecute the offenders

myff admin

Thanks again for the report. That forum was only created a few hours ago, and has of course now been shutdown.

Very good to get to things swiftly thanks to the help of decent people such as yourself.
john the man

no problem  Wink ,
i report as much as i can ,but sadlly not everyone responds ,some forums seem to have report links other don't ,

i now know the email address so i'll email if any other sites are posted that are my free forum mff

i'm not a prude, but somethings have no place on the net ,

as said i'm only a moderator at said places, and don't have full control over everything that's posted,
some content to which i don't agree with is regularly posted that borders on cp, is allowed (i'e girls aged 16+ solo (noone else engaged in sex acts) but that is the admins responsibility not mine

cheers for now

Excellent work you do by the sounds of it.  Good to know there are people fighting these criminals in a practical way. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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