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Helicentre Liverpool

Report of abusive/malicious content

Hi, can anything be done about this malicious forum. They have seen to it that it ranks above our website when you search 'Helicentre Liverpool'.

Its pretty abusive and profane. Is there a breach of T'C's?

Many Thanks,


Helicentre Liverpool.

When I googled Helicentre Liverpool, helicentre [dot] com was top in the search, not that I see it has any relevence to whether a forum is in breach of T&Cs

It seems the original poster had a bad experience with your company and posted a discussion about it. The thread developed into what they perceive as a humorous development. One bad thread doesn't make a 'hate' forum. If this forum was entirely about making false allegations on innocent companies and then combining to affect search results there may be a case to answer, but that is not the evidence presented here.

Any company gets bad feedback as well as good, and indeed bad feedback can be more useful as it helps improve your service and communications. Maybe you should try and address this persons concerns. Regardless of that, I can't see this forum as breaking the T&Cs, not with the evidence so far presented anyway, and it isn't my role to hunt evidence down.

I`ll second what Bravo has said.

I searched Helicentre Liverpool and your site came tops.

Also Everything that Bravo has said is true, not all negative feedback is a bad thing.

The first port of call in any situation like this , is too in fact contact the Admin at that forum.

As far as i can see it doesn't break the terms and conditions as it is one thread, not a hate forum.

However i do agree it is not good for your business when things like this happen, but again we can not be held responsible or micro manage every forum.
myff admin

I really don't like the thread, it is manipulating search results to amplify the power of the complaint

But what I’d hate even more would be to censure based on that, it is a fact of life that some web sites have more leverage than others, if I stick something negative on a well ranked site like I can get instant high search results on some things. So should that mean nothing negative can be said? I think not.

All media has this problem of balance, the absurd child’s party bill thing in the news yesterday comes to mind  

I'd suggest the complainant takes the opportunity to actually address the complaint on the thread itself.

Action by us would be heavy handed and open an impossible can of worms.
Helicentre Liverpool

I've tried to contact the most senior moderator on the forum but they do not accept PM's. Two of the other moderators were actively posting in the thread so i'm attempting to contact another moderator.

The final post in that thread IS libel as it is a complete fiction and implies incompetence and malpractice on our part....

myff admin

The final post is satire not libel, no one reasonable would read it and believe it, especially in the context of the thread. It might not be funny but nothing is served by elevating things to what they are not.
Helicentre Liverpool

I can't raise this complaint within the thread. After joining the forum to address it to with the moderators only to receive a predictably bone-headed response my profile is now deleted.

the fact is this is not a 'discussion' in the conventional sense. The repeated references to the Google ranking distinguish it as a deliberate and concerted attempt by the members, including the moderators, to conspire to use the forum as a platform to distribute willfully damaging material based on opinion, speculation and lies.

Respectfully, I'm not asking for this entire forum to be suspended, we only have a problem with this thread, which you have accepted is extremely distasteful. I understand the dilemma you face and I appreciate your prompt and considered responses. Surely there is a moderate and proportionate middle ground. Is it possible for a little influence to be brought to bear from your end to encourage them to delete this thread voluntarily?

The thread is two years old now and sits immediately below our website on Google with no sign of going anywhere. It's unacceptable the it could remain there indefinitely...
myff admin

I really do sympathize. They are within their rights, but there is a question of proportionality, when does a legitimate complaint, and some humour turn into a malicious never ending vendetta that serves no good purpose at all?
I don't agree with the whole "take down" thing that hides things in search results, but I do believe a responsible forum owner should know when to call time on something like this.

I will think on things a bit more and email the forum owner. I still have no intention at this point in time of enforcing things as we do allow forum owners the latitude to be actual owners taking legal responsibility for their content.  But most forum owners would prefer their forums to be in good standing with us, and as I say regardless of the legitimacy of the original complaint there is a time to let bygones be bygones.
Helicentre Liverpool

Thanks, I really appreciate it.


It`s no wonder you are not getting much help from the forum admin over there, just noticed that the thread was started on

Fri Sep 07, 2012

The thread and the original complaint and horse play were made over two years ago.

Which to me suggests that the only reason you found this out was a Google search lately and not in fact by lose of business etc.

To counter this i would take it you have had lots of positive feedback from happy customers since, so do the same as they did and get it up google .
myff admin

I confess I had got the impression that this was ongoing, that does shed a different light on matters.
It might still be appropriate for the forum owner to zap the search engine thing, but plainly this is not some vendetta.
the CSL

I've been alerted to this from an email correspondence. As it's not an ongoing thread, I'll just remove it now.

Sorry for any negative light you've potentially suffered from it.



Edited to add, deleted at 20:43 Thursday 29th of January. Cheers.

Many Thanks for your reply and your acknowledgment that you have deleted the thread in question...

This now resolves the issue as far as I am concerned.
Helicentre Liverpool

Great news. Thanks to everyone for being so reasonable, we really appreciate it!


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