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replace logo


Default template (I'm not ready to tackle the whole template)

Please indicate keywords you have searched on: Mac, Apple, OS X, logo

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I have tried to follow the "replace logo" instructions but they are written for a PC and I'm using a Mac (OS X Lion)
OK I got to the page http://niagarabritcars.myfreeforu...=3a6b6a9972c8a180bae8f4798fa0020d where I have uploaded the logo I want and named it logo_phpBB.gif.  I can drag the original logo to "image preview" but when I click on Edit Image I am taken to a clip art site.  All I want to do is substitute my logo for the default logo.

Sorry if I'm being dense but this is my first effort of the kind ever.

Darrell McDonald

This should help

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