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Renewing images


images, imageset

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After the problem I had yesterday, where could not reach my admin panel, I was told to reset to prosilver.

I have now set it back to my old template, however, the icons indicating new posts, no new posts seem to be gone.

Other buttons still seem to be there.

I cannot for the life of me remember what the original templte was called, and now I have downloaded an imageset that would be suitable because it looks similar.

However, how do I get those icons into my template?
Where exactly do I upload them?

Thank you.

this could well be a cache issue, but don't go deleting all the caches within phpbb3, just the one for the imageset.

I'd consider this method, if you've installed a new template over the top onto the slot holding the previous template, to clear the imageset cache BEFORE you start to make any template edits to make it suit what you want.

If you've installed it onto a previously empty slot and have changed the template your account sees, via the usercp, then it may just be that you need to clear your browsers cache, as guided here (may need updating a touch, but it shouldn't change much)...

If those fail, come back and say as it might be something a little more in depth that admin may need to look into. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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