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Renaissance Faire

I got back from one late late late sunday... and it was so fun!

I decided to join my parents, who are with them much more often, though it's dropped down to 4 times a year right now...  But they run the Dirty Scots Tavern, serves alcohol (meads, ciders, and ales - all home brewed) to the faire folk (sorry, faire patrons can't get any).

And after hours it becomes a place to hang out and have fun.  One of the guilds near the tavern had a DJ playing right next to us with a little dance area, so we had a full blown party!

It was SO FUN!  Ah... I decided I'm going to join up with them, so mid november I'm going again.  My parents dress up more, they used to have higher ranks in a different guild (my dad was once the head of the scottish guard)... but I dress a bit sloppy and rough, I love it.  I don't need to look fancy, a lot of people at bars weren't dressed up, so why should I be? Forum Index -> Off Topic
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