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Our forum is pretty much set.  When a person registers though we would like to know more about them to keep our members safe, we are a bunch of moms with kids.  When someone registers we get the link in our email to " New User Account".  The message with the link looks like this...

The account owned by "macemile2" has been deactivated or newly created, you should check the details of this user (if required) and activate it using the following link:


When we click on it, it automatically approves them without us finding our any more details.  

What do we have to do to change it so we can research the person a little better?

Maybe add a section that they can register normally on with a questionnaire (or whatever it is you want to know about them).

Then, once you are happy you can let them see the rest of the forum (you'd have to set the permissions to hidden of course).

Otherwise, there aint really a lot you can find out about people.  Even with a questionnaire, people could lie which is a common trait on the internet.

I'm new here but I am joint admin on a MYFF forum and currently dealing with new user approval.

Rather than click directly on the link to approve them go to your forum I always check all new apps via the administration index.

Using the tools on the left hand side under section "4. Users" you may look up a users account details via the "Management" link.  Search for your user and at least you can look up their details such as email address etc...

If they look genuine then its better than nothing.  For instance a member joining yesterday used an email ending  After a swift google search it highlighted a temporary email address provider called "Will Hack 4 Food".  Safe to say I didnt approve their registration.

Maybe contact them first and ask them to reply...

Its not much but its better than nothing.  At the end of the day it is the internet and even people you think you know well and trust could be axe wielding maniacs.  
David Keel

This topic is the closest I can find to a problem I am having within our own forum.  We are receiving countless emails every day with the same message :  

" The account owned by "mipsaspek" has been deactivated or newly created, you should check the details of this user (if required) and handle it
appropriately. "

The problem began when we found a number of newly activated users posting spam on the forum.  So we have used the Question and Answer CAPTCHA setting found on our forum in the :  Admin Control Panel > General Tab > Spambot Countermeasures.  

And also asking a new user to apply through Admin for registration completion (did this in) :  Admin Control Panel  >  General Tab  >  User Registration Settings  

No more people have been getting on to the forum to post spam but the emails keep on coming.  Every day.   Is there a way to stop them ?    


i have a problem somewhat similar thats costing me users, they say theyr're under 13 and it says their account has to be approved but no email or message ever comes. my forums are

the old link is
myff admin

Well there is no email, that process leaves it to the user to contact the forum admin for account activation.

i don't know where to approve of it i kept searching and never found anything.
David Keel

Haxaras, are you receiving any kind of email ? could you explain it a bit more ?
myff admin

As I say that process gives no explicit email to the admin, maybe it should, but really very few under 13's should be on forums as a rule.

any user can be activated in user management.

You can use the admin/users/search facility to find disabled users. Forum Index -> Running your community
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