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Regarding a Suspension


Good afternoon,

While I fear that nothing shall ever revive the community that Northkeep once represented, there is some information stored there that was somewhat dear to me. I do not expect this forum to be restored... but I would appreciate having access to a particular post I made there.

May I please either have a copy of the northkeep forum's archive, or just the posts that I have lost? Truly if I'd had reason to suspect that it would have disappeared, I would have stored this information elsewhere... but after lingering on for as long as it did, silly me, I just didn't expect it to go anywhere...

I believe the user name on there was Cyrus_Alerec_Draegur.

The title of the post in particular I was hoping to retrieve had my name (Cyrus Alerec Draegur) on it.

If it doesn't have to be un-suspended for this to work, then it needn't be. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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