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When using phpbb2 I used the code you provided for the "Recent Post" dropdown box and after amending it slightly to give more options I put it in index_body.html:
<form action="search.php?mode=results&search_author=*" method="POST">Recent Posts&nbsp;<select class="gensmall" name="search_time"><option value="1">1 Day</option><option value="3">3 Days</option><option value="7">7 Days</option><option value="14">14 Days</option><option value="30">30 Days</option></select>&nbsp;<input type="submit" class="gensmall" value="Go" name="submit" /><input type="hidden" name="show_results" value="topics"><input type="hidden" name="sort_by" value="0"><input type="hidden" name="sort_dir" value="DESC"></form>

This worked wonderfully for six and a half years but since migrating to phpbb3 last month, I am having huge problems getting a similar dropdown box to work now and it is upsetting the troops who had grown to love the added feature.

I have had a look at the phpbb3 version of search_body.html and hoped to use some of that code which has a similar dropdown box but the variables/parameters within the code are different - such as the name "search_time" is now "st" and so on. The old form also used
action="search.php?mode=results&search_author=*" method="POST"
but this is not the case in the phpbb3 search_body.html.

So, what do I have to do to get the right action, method and other variable/parameter names correct for it to work.

BTW, I am using a modified version of subsilver2.


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