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Rank Upload Request

Please could I request an upload for the following for rank images please.

Click to download file
myff admin

Wow, that was quick, thanks!!

For some strange reason it wont display the rank images in my forum, ive tried a few other ranks and it seems that it wont display any which are .png format, they do show up fine if they are .gif though.

Is there a reason for this? I dont mind if they are in .gif format if that is a possibility?

myff admin

We need a link to where we can see the problem, there should not be an issue with png images.
VooDooChilly is my forum

An example can be seen here underneath any of the the user names

The image displays in the administrator section for rank url entry but not on the actual forums.


The forum is trying to load from  and those ranks aren't on there right now... but loading them from the forum server they work fine.

So, that's a fix admin needs to do, I'm sure not a major one either.
myff admin

fixed now. A server change had not been accounted for  

Cheers, working like a dream now! Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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