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Rank Update?

Rank, update, rank update

Is there a way to get an update to the ranks already avaliable?
I have one that I really like (the forth post on the forth page of avaliable ranks, the mario heads) but I would need one more for those to work on my site.  If at all possible, could there be an update to get the one with 5 marios, but flashing, like so many other ranks out there?
Thank you for any input!

A link to the specific page:

Ranks aren't 'updated'.  As people send them in, admin ascertains whether to add them or not to the system (99.9% of the time he adds them).

So if you were to make the image you desire and send it in, it should be added for you.  Alternatively, you can make the additional rank and upload that yourself to your forum.

That is what I thought, but I already tried that, lol

I am horrible with making gif images, and every time I try to make that flashing (basically swapping back and forth between the 0 and 5 from that set) it gets all screwed up.
Oh well, I need one more than is avaliable in that set, I guess I'll have to figure it out myself, or find a different set I can use...

Thx for the reply in answering my question tho.  

There are forums that are willing to make the artwork for you, free too.

Oh, well I got help on another forum
(credit goes to mistery from Gamershood)

Okay, so, can I get that added to the directory, or how do I upload it as a rank to my forum?
(Thanks again for your help)

Justeazy wrote:
how do I upload it as a rank to my forum?

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Thank you very much,  Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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