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Rank Request

Can you please upload these ranks.

Click to download file


myff admin

Just give us a name for them.

ERM I don't know, VVRanks .

Also as my forum grows can I upload single rank images to this thread to be added to the collection or would I need to zip the whole collection again?
myff admin

individual uploads are not popular. A rank set should by and large be done as a set.

OK, Thanks Admin

New Rank

I have the Sword3 rank set for my mainstream members, however, there was no rank image for one of my very important ranks, I would like to request one that has all 6 swords and says either "Mini-Admin" or "Vice President". Thank you kindly.
myff admin

Tacking a request for a graphic to be created onto the end of someone rank upload request is not likely to grab the attention of any graphic designed who might want to help.

may be a better place to try. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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