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Rank Images

I have looked through a number of posts and tutorials, but can't seem to find any answers    

I've started creating my first forum and added my own rank images by uploading in Styles-Edit Templates/Logos, so I have a file path to link the rank, i've created my rank and put in the filepath ie myff_petrofacsafetyrep1/images/Ranks_0.gif however the image isn't showing.  It comes up as a page with a red cross on it.

Does anyone have any ideas?  PS - I'm not a very computer literate person so apologies if this seems like a silly question!
myff admin

Almost certainly a small misspelling in how you have written the rank path, compared to how you have uploaded.

But you should give a link to where we can see the issue!

Here's the link to the post which shows how it's displaying.  Is this al you need or do you need links/access to admin?
myff admin

You have missed "templates" out.



Told you it would be something stupid!  

Sorry - thanks for your quick replies. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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