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Rank images not visible

Hello, I'm back, and this time it's about getting the rank images to show up in my forum,

It's working fine, otherwise, and I'm pleased to say I've been able to customize it to my satisfaction, though I haven't figured everything out yet. The avatars are working fine -- thanks again for your help with that.

I suspect the rank image problem may be due to the template I'm using, Play Simple.css. I followed the instructions in the Rank tutorial, and the images show up fine in the rank edit box. They just don't display in the forum itself.

I've tried messing about with other templates, but couldn't find a way to make them as presentable as Play, so I'm a bit reluctant to switch to another.

I searched using "Rank" as a keyword, but didn't find the answer I was looking for, mostly because people ask you to do this for them. I'd be satisfied with learning how to add it to my template. I tried experimenting with the portals and the template but it didn't work.

Apart from the avatar problem, the forum is working well and I've got people posting there having fun, as intended.

There's no rush or anything, it's just a whim.

Thanks in advance.
myff admin

I guess it is the same issue, viewtopic_body.tpl  missing {postrow.POSTER_RANK}

I did AVATAR for you, but this time I will leave it to you.


To get the images to show up, I did this: {postrow.RANK_IMAGE}{postrow.POSTER_RANK} just before the profile img and the PM img. This is what it looks like now:

I'm delighted!

After some jiggling about with placement, I got the rank title and image shows up beneath the avatar, as I intended. Thanks for the help - I just needed to know where to put the code, and what the code ought to be. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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