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Rank image minor problem (although this really isn't about my forum)

I took my rank images from here : and the post just below that one.

Most of them come out fine but I noticed a few of them with a white background instead of being transparent and it stands out quite a bit with the background of my forum.

Is there an easy way for you guys to fix this?

If not it really isn't a big deal I just figured I'd ask and see if you could do this.

Thanks in advance.
myff admin

If you link to the specific images you want fixed, then I am sure me or someone will fix them.

Ok, these are the ones that I am using, the links are the ones posted with the said ranks .gif or .jpg in that thread, I hope that is what you're looking for.


Again if this is too much trouble then we will live with it, but if it could be easily fixed I would appreciate it. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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