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Rank image location

I've been preparing for the new tutorial video (How to Add Ranks from the MFF System).

Somewhere in the video, I would like to show people the rank image thread:

However, that is rather a long url to give people in a there any possibility admin of setting up a special rank page that would redirect to this thread?  Perhaps (or similar)?

Now I can edit the video afterwards to have the url as a subtitle (all the way through the video if desired), or I can say that 'wherever you are watching this, there will be the url with it' (hoping that anybody who shows this anywhere else adds it in), or the above mentioned redirect.

myff admin

good idea

lol that was quick  

Nice one

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
good idea

Just checked putting into the address bar to see what came up: 404 403 Worked

Just did that test to see how short a url I could tell people, so will mention that it's important to put the '.html' bit in

I have all the ranks in catergorys rather than one long thread on HOWTODOIT, you could link to it and tell them to click on the rank link on the left side. ?

Good idea Symon, will do's much easir to browse through I think, though I will add the subtitle showing both the htdi link and the redirect link Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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