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myff admin

Quick test please

Do the images technically "work" for you?

They do indeed, I would recommend having clicking on the outside area of the image also close the image

edit; Firefox 3.5, latest release on windows 7. 1680 x 1050

Safari browser, working fine
myff admin

Good, the trouble with this sort of thing is that javascript can still be flaky. On FF3.5 at one point, it was all working unless you did Ctrl-F5 in which case on loading the larger images it would get the size back as "0" and not work

The idea here is that the page is just a standard Joomla article into which images have been simply pasted, but the article contains a couple of tags that let me use a Joomla plugin to turn the article into a thumbnail gallery.

As such the guy whose web site it will be can create pages like that without having to do anything complicated.

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