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Ive had my forum open and running for about 10 months now. ive tried to enter into a few search engines, but it only appears on the less used search engines, how do i get on google ect? and how do i higher my rank lol, the only way i see my forum on oens im in, is by typing in the url, its so far back otherwise lol. i drr googlr bot alot on the forum too.
sorry to go off topic, but i have also seen alot of pokeronline members joining, spam basically. pokeronline, freepokerplayer, ringtones. ect all joining just to show therte site, how do i stop it? ive delted them and they come back
myff admin

We do have the mss deletion thing to help deal with the spammers, but the best way is to see if the "visual confirmation" option works with your template. That will stop most of them instantly.

You clearly have not read the threads here on search engines. Otherwise you would have registered before posting with your forum as your "homepage" and you would have posted a link to your forum.

sorry admin
I did actually register, a while ago, but forgottin my username lol, so had to make this account. but if you can find my old username, it was with the same email adress as this one as far as im aware. i could then delete this account.
myff admin

Ah but still no "homepage" link to be seen!

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