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Question regarding a domain.


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I have my own domain, and i understand the principle of adjusting DNS settings, I only have one question left:

at the moment, my domain name is pointing to the nameservers of the place where my website is hosted (obviously).

If I were to point my domain at the myfreeforum nameservers, do you, apart from free forums, provide hosting too, as I obviously need more than just a free forum, I also need space to host my website.

If you do, could you let me know what the specs of your hosting are and whether it is with or without adverts?

If not, what other alternative do I have to use my forum with my domain?

Thank you.

You can fully control your DNS

Either via your  current name servers or with an account on our name servers.
We recommend against our own ad then two systems are needing to sync control it does generally work but it seems simple tho avoid the issue. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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