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Question on hacking and restoring forums if hacked

Ok this is an odd question, but (hypothetical) if the MFF servers of just one forum were to somehow get hacked, how would we get our forum(s) back. The only reason why I'm asking this is because my sister forum just got hacked this morning.
myff admin

No single forum will EVER be hacked. Forums are compromised all the time due to lax security by the forum owner!

So there are two scenarios.

1) A single forum is broken. In which case for $10 it can be restored from our daily backup system.

2) A system wide failure or actual hacking occurs which is our respnosibility, in which case obviously we freely restore from our quite thorough offsite daily backups.

Alright thanks, he has to pay $75 to get his forum restored. Thanks for the info. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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