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Question about PHPBB3 message on my forum

Hello. I am the admin of a  fairly new forum called Sims 4 Warehouse which was made on May 23,2015;the link is

I have a question about this message that is appearing near the top of my forum:

This forum address has been redirected temporarily, for now it includes [hotblack] this may be due to the forum upgrading to phbb3 or the forum being moved to our newer server. You do not need to take any action, your forum address will revert back to normal in a day or two. In the mean time please do not bookmark or publish the temporary link.

I don't recall when the message started appearing,and I was wondering when my forum would upgrade to PHPBB3,because I would like to start getting members.
myff admin

Your forum shows on our system as phpbb2, implying that for one reason or another your attempt to upgrade via the control panel failed and needs trying again.

we do not recommend phpbb3, the large majority of upgraders regret it.

Okay. How do I get rid of the message? I really don't want it on my forum.
myff admin

if you don't put hotblack in the link, then it isn't in the link. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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