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Progress for the year

It may be blowing our own trumpet, but I'd like to quickly recap on some of the extras that have gone into myff this year.

1. Web pages
2. Advanced template macros
3. Blogs
4. Card Index forums.
5. Wysiwyg editor option.
6. New style bbcode panel option.
7. Moderated posts.
8. Global arcade.
9. Larger post size allowed in gallery, plus longer retention time.
10. Quiz portal.
11. Loads more portals
12. New anti-spam registration system.
13. Multiple PM recipients.
14. Loads of extra macros for people to use in template editing.
15. Optimizations for faster forums.
16. Improved forum admin panel.
17. Improved subforums.

All told it is a lot, and it is all on top of what was already an offering that had much more than standard phpbb2, and currently offers far far more than they yet to be released (let alone recognized as secure and stable) phpbb3.

I do note in our advertising we have never made a big thing of what forums technology we are offering, and I find myself coming more and more round to the point of view that we should be confident that what we offer is best and not chase after a new version of phpbb that offers no real benefits to our customers.

We will of course continue to use a database schema that retains the compatibility to let people move in or out of the system. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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