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Problems With Banned People

As some of you know I am co-admin on a fairly large forum

Our users have posted a total of 158345 articles
We have 459 registered users

It is a very friendly place, and has just received a new group of people that came in from another (non MFF) forum where the admin had decided it would be a great idea to sell the emails/IP's of all their members to spammers  

So in came the new people and were welcomed wholeheartedly, many of them settling in very nicely.

Also came in a little bit of niggles that people had carried over from the previous badly run forum.  Ok, don't do that here, they were told, this aint the place for those arguments.  Thank you.

In the two years or so our forum has been running I honestly can't even remember so much as a thread lock, never mind all this nastiness.

To cut the story short, two members ended up being banned.  They just would not stop.

So now one of them has been constantly re-registering with usernames such as 'DizzyDi is a tw@' 'DizzyDi is a c*nt' and 'Bravo is a square'.  I have simply changed the usernames to more reasonable ones, no fuss.

However, I have (to stop this person re-registering constantly) implemented a subnet ban...I banned 92.* yet she still is managing to get these usernames up.

Now it's not a major hassle, as we have set admin activation along with new members moderated, so she can't post anything.  I am a bit perturbed though that despite being banned, she can still get the usernames up.  Should I have banned 92.*.*.* or should the 92.* work?
myff admin

the syntax is.


but really a big ip ban is a very bad move.

better just to stop the name of the last user registered showing to unregistered users.

Since they won't be able to log in, it may not occur to them that their "work" is still visible.

Ah, thanks for that.

I know an IP ban such as this is a bad move, and plan on removing it in 8 days (hopefully that will be long enough for them to give up).  They were re-registering, and pretending to be good folk, waiting until admin log off, then causing havoc.

All their posts have gone to a bin in the staff area, best they don't see the fruits of their labours  
myff admin

Yep, that is the rule, deal with idiots simply and without fuss.

I favour user activation so they need a valid email and putting new members on moderation.

Have enough mods with banning powers so that there opportunity to be there unfettered is small. Forum Index -> Running your community
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